10th Enterprise User Meeting

10th Enterprise User Meeting of 2B Advice was a complete success!

After an interruption due to the pandemic, 2B Advice invited to a personal group user meeting of the data protection management solution 2B Advice PrIME for the first time in three years on October 13, 2022.

Data protection managers from medium-sized and large (DAX) companies followed the call to exchange information and network at the Michaelsberg Abbey in Siegburg. The participants visibly enjoyed the long-awaited personal exchange, the stylish ambience and the expert presentations. The central theme of the event was the strategic repositioning of 2B Advice, away from a singular software and consulting company to an integrated provider of solutions in the areas of data protection, compliance and risk management (Integrated Risc Management).

In the first presentation, chief developer Alexander Polischuk introduced the most important innovations of the releases 2B Advice PrIME 7.6 to 7.8. Already here the red thread became recognizable. In addition to improvements of the classic 2B Advice PriME, the newly developed products WhistleOps, WhistleOps+ and CookieProof took up a large part of the presentation. This was followed by two examples of problem solutions with 2B Advice PriME from the customer’s point of view, one from a municipal IT service provider and one from a multinational healthcare company.

The afternoon’s presentations were opened by managing partner Marcus Belke. He provided an overview of the latest developments of the 2B Advice Group. He was able to announce that the sister company EuroPrISe Cert was the first private company in the EU to obtain the approval of the supervisory authority for its catalogue of criteria for processors (Article 42 GDPR).

Afterwards, Patrik Madliak, Managing Director of 2B Advice s.r.o., offered first insights into “NEXTGEN”, the upcoming generation of 2B Advice PrIME. Among other things, it offers a fresh, customizable design, faster response times and a freely configurable dashboard function. In the future, the processing overview can be designed according to the user’s own ideas, sorting of the previous tabs is possible, as is changing the order via drag & drop. A successive implementation of 2B Advice PrIME NEXTGEN is planned, whereby the classic 2B Advice PrIME will also be further developed before both generations are merged.

Finally, Marcus Belke took a look into the future. He outlined his vision of 2B Advice as a provider of software-supported, integrated and automated solutions such as 2B Advice PrIME NEXTGEN, CookieProof or the new product Finetracker. This is made possible by the self-developed platform “Ailance”, on which customers can also develop their own solutions. In addition, 2B Advice will focus on the development of AI modules for automated checks of processing, order processing contracts or assessments. Another development focus will be the interaction of 2B Advice PrIME with standard systems such as MSFT Teams or Salesforce, for example for data subject inquiries, customer communications, consent management or the control of deletion periods. 

A question and answer session with the audience rounded off the 10th Group User Meeting. There was much applause for the forward-looking developments and outlooks.

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