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    2B Advice PrIME Benchmark (NEW!)

    Use our database of privacy measures to see how well your program stacks up against common privacy practices and track your improvement over time. Log and easily access proof that all required privacy measures have been completed.
  • Icon Register of procedures

    Register of procedures

    Our privacy software 2B Advice PrIME sets up the legally prescribed directory of procedures. Standard procedures are already set up as an example for our mock company Trucksol. The public register of procedures can also be created using the software.
  • Technical and Organizational Measures (TOMs)

    Technical and organizational measures (TOMs)

    Use 2B Advice PrIME to document, manage and audit technical and organizational measures (TOMs).
  • Policy Management

    Policy management

    Upload and manage company policies regarding privacy. Track how they relate to each department and who is responsible for ensuring compliance.
  • Icon Reporting procedures over the Intranet

    Reporting procedures over the Intranet

    The register of procedures must always be kept up-to-date. Notification of developments in or changes to procedures must be sent to the data privacy officer without delay. Meeting this requirement in your day-to-day work is an enormous challenge. Our privacy software 2B Advice PrIME also makes your work easier for you here.
  • Icon Checking procedures

    Auditing procedures

    Our privacy software 2B Advice PrIME documents all of the details required to check and assess a procedure in the context of the register of procedures. Among other things, the results of the checks can be noted in accordance with reporting, notification and prior checking obligations for each procedure.
  • Icon Web-based training

    Web-based training

    Raising the awareness of staff is a central, statutory requirement of data privacy. With the web-based training platform from 2B Advice PrIME, you can offer customized data privacy training and reach your staff in a simple and convenient way.
  • Icon Auditing employee committment

    Employee commitment

    Many laws require employees to commit to data privacy. Our privacy software 2B Advice PrIME provides you with a watertight solution.
  • Icon Audititing


    Data privacy audits are used to check procedures and organizational units. 2B Advice PrIME supports your audits by providing over 2,500 individual questions, from which you can draw up your own list.
  • Icon Action items


    Audits reveal weak points in data privacy, measures address them. With our privacy software 2B Advice PrIME, you can set up measures, delegate them, monitor their progress and document them. The software provides pre-installed measures in its audit catalogues.
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