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In recent years, legal requirements for data privacy have steadily risen. Companies and public offices are faced with increasing workloads. 2B Advice offers data privacy advice, data privacy software and data privacy certification from a single source for such circumstances. We are dedicated to consulting with and supporting our clients on the following key areas:

  • 07/11/2019
    UK: ICO – British Airways get its wings clipped
    Image The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) fined British Airways 204 million euros (equivalent to about 183 million British pounds). This amount corresponds to approximately 1.5 percent of the airline's worldwide annual turnover in 2018.
  • 07/11/2019
    EU: The basics of cookie banners
    Image On the Internet, what are know as "cookie banners" can also be found on many websites. But most of the existing banners do not meet the legal requirements for adequate information and effective consent. What are the requirements for this?
  • 07/11/2019
    DE: Destroy or use?
    Image Companies have to deal with this question when using photos of employees in brochures and flyers, and one or more employees have revoked their consent to use the photos in brochures and flyers. Do they actually have to be destroyed despite the high costs...
  • 04/23/2019
    GER: Does blockchain technology and data protection work together?
    Image In March 2019, the German Bundestag invited experts to discuss the regulatory issues of blockchain technology. The expert opinions on the handling of data using blockchain ranged from clear approval to some skepticism. Why is this "revolutionary" technology,...
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