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IT security is an umbrella term for the protection of PCs, Internet access, servers, telephones and other systems that process information. IT security ensures the confidentiality, availability, authenticity and integrity of these systems. It controls access to buildings and data, data transfer and much more. Data privacy and IT security are not identical, but they go hand in hand.

Professional and efficient IT security is the prerequisite for successful data privacy. The trust of clients, suppliers and staff crucially depends on guaranteeing an appropriate level of security. But what is "appropriate"? In fact, there are no specifications as to how IT security should be implemented "correctly". And there are several standards.

The experts at 2B Advice support you in setting up your own IT security. The market is complex and not every aspect of IT security is of interest to every client. In addition to comprehensive consultancy, we therefore offer you various optional modules: a survey of the as-is position, risk analysis, design of a security concept and preparation for privacy certification.

Please contact us for more information about our IT security services.

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