EU: The European Privacy Seal (EuroPriSe) Updates Their Criteria to Factor in GDPR Compliance

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On Dec. 20, the European Privacy Seal (EuroPriSe) announced an update to the criteria for their IT product and IT-based service privacy certifications. The updated criteria now factors in the requirements of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and will be used for all relevant EuroPriSe certification projects, beginning in January 2017. Thus, recipients of the seal for IT products and/or IT-based services can now benefit from GDPR compliance assurance, in addition to boasting the utmost commitment to privacy overall.

The GDPR-ready update to this criteria is the product of months of work by the EuroPriSe Certification Authority (EuroPriSe CA) on a draft, which was then reviewed by the EuroPriSe Advisory Board and discussed at their meeting in December 2016. Taking their comments into consideration, EuroPriSe CA revised the draft and published the final version on the EuroPriSe website on Dec. 20. This final, GDPR-ready criteria can be viewed here.

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