Advantages of Privacy Shield Compliance

  • Enable compliant data transfer from the EU to the US.
  • Contain complaints regarding data subjects via clear, adjusted appeal procedures (internal/external).
  • Minimize the risk of data subject complaints to regulatory authorities.
  • Build trust among consumers and clients.
  • Audits strenghten the potential for optimization in your company.
  • Recertify through an established and simple process with a clear course of action.

How does Privacy Shield work?

The European Directive on Data Protection prohibits the transfer of personal data from a data controller in a member state to an entity located in a country that does not have "adequate" data protection laws and regulations in place. The US regulatory framework fails to provide adequate protections; Privacy Shield provides these protections, thereby allowing for the legal transfer of personal data to the US.

To participate, organizations in the US are required to register with the US Department of Commerce. Registering requires the participating organizations to verify that they comply with the framework’s seven Privacy Principles.

EU-US Privacy Shield

Does your business transfer data from the EU to the US? To do this legally, EU-US Privacy Shield certification is required.

The EU-US Privacy Shield Framework is an agreement between the European Union and the United States that affects the flow and management of personal data. This framework provides a legal basis for the transfer of personal data from the EU to data processors in the US. (The EU-US Privacy Shield Framework is the successor of the EU-US Safe Harbor Framework, a similar agreement surrounding data transfer from the EU to the US that was declared invalid on October 6, 2015 for not having strong enough data privacy safeguards.)


Why 2B Advice?

  • Capable and experienced partners in certification
  • Specialized knowledge establishing and running certification projects in group structures
  • Quick implementation based on existing standards and established processes
  • International data privacy consulting group with locations in the US (San Diego, New York) and Europe (Berlin, Bonn, Brezno, Munich); native US and German staff
  • Expert understanding of European and US requirements
  • On-site independent audits in the United States
  • Own dispute resolution service
  • Software-based Privacy Shield privacy assessment
  • Online Privacy Shield trainings

Contact Us

Call 2B Advice at +49 228 926165-100 or email us to discuss how we can help simplify EU data protection for your company.


Our Benefits: The Best of Both Worlds

The ability to collaborate between European-based 2B Advice GmbH (Berlin, Bonn, Munich) and US-based 2B Advice LLC (New York, San Diego), provides clients with optimal service and knowledge for certification:

  • Compilation / creation of all needed documents and submission to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
  • Holistic supervision during the project
  • Annual recertification at the FTC
  • Running of regular data privacy audits and employee trainings
  • Collaboration with European data protection authorities in the event of a complaint
EU-US Privacy Shield
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