Track Improvement Over Time and Compare to Benchmark

With 2B Advice PrIME, you can determine which privacy measures you need to have in place (based on the privacy measure database) and track your alignment with this benchmark over time. Generate graphical overviews of this progression or view a more detailed list that shows exactly when each privacy measure went into place and how it affected your performance (as compared to the benchmark).

Log Proof That Privacy Measures Were Completed

In the event of a breach or other privacy incident, it is important that you be able to demonstrate what privacy measures you had in place at the time of the incident. The new benchmark tool allows you to not only track what measures you have in place and when they went into effect; it allows you to actually log proof that each measure was completed and demonstrate how it was implemented, ensuring that the measures are truly in place.

Compare Measures to Benchmark

Use our database of privacy measures to see how well your program stacks up against common privacy practices and track your improvement over time. Log and easily access proof that all required privacy measures have been completed.

**In the next update, you will be able to compare your privacy program with real data provided by other participating companies.**

Privacy Measure Database

2B Advice PrIME includes a detailed database of possible privacy measures. You can use this database to determine which measures are required for your program, set measurable goals and track your improvement and implementation over time.

Privacy benchmark tree view
Privacy benchmark questionnaire
Compare Subsidiaries
Benchmark Overview Report - Linear Interpolation
Benchmark Overview Report

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