The New EU General Data Protection Regulation:
Challenges and Opportunities for Companies

Data Privacy | 1-Day Workshop

When & Where


in San Diego

Learning Goals

Beginning in 2018, the European General Data Protection Regulation (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR) comes into force. The regulation is meant to standardize and expand the rights of individual citizens to control their own personally identifiable data. What exactly does this mean for business? What new rights and obligations will arise? What procedures and processes will need to be adjusted or introduced? The workshop provides data protection supervisors, privacy officers, compliance officers and management with the expertise necessary to prepare their businesses for the challenges of the new GDPR. After attending the workshop, each participant will receive a certificate of completion.

Event Details

Bild   Content

  • Practical effects of the General Data Protection Regulation: What remains? What changes?
  • When do the new regulations come into effect?
  • How much time do companies have to transition?
  • Possibilities and limitations of national legislation
  • Effects on marketing
  • Impact on the protection of employee data
  • Data transfer between the EU and the US
  • What has changed in regards to commissioned data processing?
  • Extended powers of supervisory authorities
  • Specific purposes and big data
  • Future role of the Data Privacy Officer
  • New rights of data subjects
  • Fines: up to 4% of annual revenue
  • Opportunities for privacy certification


  • Small group discussing current issues
  • Advice from someone with over 13 years of EU privacy law experience
  • Feedback regarding individual questions (submit in advance via email:
  • FREE detailed GDPR Preparation Checklist
  • Complimentary food and drinks throughout the duration of the workshop

Bild   Target Group

The target group includes privacy officers, CEOs, lawyers, IT and compliance officers and employees of the human resources and marketing departments in companies and government agencies from all sectors. Basic knowledge of data protection law is a prerequisite.


  • Combination of theoretical knowledge and practical methods
  • Discussion and review of existing standard procedures
  • Solutions offered for individual problem areas (submit in advance via email:
Data Privacy Workshop
Data Privacy Training

The organizer of the seminar is the 2B Advice Academy, the training institute of international privacy consulting firm 2B Advice - the privacy benchmark. The lecturer is Marcus Belke, who is the President of 2B Advice LLC. He has years of experience and an in-depth understanding of European privacy law.


Global Professional Building
7220 Avenida Encinas - Suite 208
Carlsbad, San Diego County, CA 92011

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