TestLab EuroPriSe

The EuroPriSe (European Privacy Seal) is a European certification and seal that focuses purely on privacy and data protection. Developed by a multinational consortium on behalf of the European Commission, EuroPriSe is becoming the standard in privacy seals that verify a product or service’s commitment to privacy and compliance with European laws and regulations.

A EuroPriSe seal can be issued for any IT product or service. A seal certifies that the product or service complies with the requirements of the European Directive on Data Protection and the advisory opinions of the Article 29 Working Party. Obtaining a EuroPriSe seal proves that an IT product or service meets the highest standards in managing personal data and in the most privacy-enhancing manner possible.

2B Advice experts are qualified EuroPriSe experts (in both legal and technical fields) and have worked to obtain seal approval for many of our clients’ products and services. Our experts are admitted EuroPriSe experts, know the process of obtaining seal approval and have a proven track record of success in processing applications.

To learn more about how your IT product or service can obtain the market-leading EuroPriSe privacy seal, please contact us.




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