Privacy Audit

Do you wish to gain a better understanding of your environment – to verify the existence and application of privacy-related policies and procedures? Or do your current policies and procedures need to be validated and verified as compliant with regulatory requirements? 2B Advice’s privacy experts can assess your current production environment through a privacy audit. This involves evaluating your technical, physical and administrative controls against stated regulatory requirements.

Our 10+ years of national and international data protection consulting experience has allowed us to develop detailed and tested privacy audit catalogs that capture the best of our practice experience, while also efficiently addressing regulatory requirements. Upon completion of a privacy audit, our clients receive a comprehensive audit report that identifies gaps and suggests mitigating measures.

2B Advice is highly experienced in evaluating the presence and effectiveness of privacy requirements within your environment. As leading privacy attorneys and consultants, our audits focus on identifying problems and providing sustainable solutions.

Please contact us to discuss how our privacy audits can help your organization achieve its compliance goals.



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