Data Privacy Provides a Competitive Edge

Daily, companies interact with vast quantities of their customers' personal data. As required by law, this data must be managed, cataloged, archived, stored and protected throughout all stages of the data lifecycle. At 2B Advice – the privacy benchmark, we believe that every business goal can be reached without compromising the privacy of this personal data.

Data privacy is not only required by law; it is key to building and maintaining the trust of your customers. When you protect your customers' personal data, you demonstrate that you care about them and are, therefore, trustworthy. Trust is a fundamental building block of any successful and long-lasting partnership.

2B Advice provides the tools and consulting that you need to ensure that your company meets all of its business goals, while also protecting personal data and fostering customer trust.

  • 04.26.2017
    Privacy consultancy 2B Advice to assist personalization leader Cxense with GDPR compliance
    Image 2B Advice, an international consulting firm based in Germany and specializing in data privacy, has been named adviser to data management and personalization company Cxense, an international software-as-a-service company listed on the Oslo stock exchange....
  • 12.30.2016
    EU: The European Privacy Seal (EuroPriSe) Updates Their Criteria to Factor in GDPR Compliance
    Image On Dec. 20, the European Privacy Seal (EuroPriSe) announced an update to the criteria for their IT product and IT-based service privacy certifications. The updated criteria now factors in the requirements of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation...
  • 11.10.2016
    US: Christian Hammerl (CIPM, CIPP/U.S., CIPP/E, EuroPriSe Expert) joins the 2B Advice team
    Image 2B Advice is excited to announce the latest addition to our team of privacy professionals: Christian Hammerl (CIPM, CIPP/U.S., CIPP/E, EuroPriSe Expert). Bringing with him over 18 years of experience in both US and EU data protection law and a number...
  • 09.21.2016
    US: 2B Advice Attends Privacy. Security. Risk. Conference 2016
    Image 2B Advice was honored to have the opportunity to attend as well as exhibit at the IAPP and CSA Congress’s 2016 Privacy. Security. Risk. Conference in San Jose (Sept. 14-16). It was a whirlwind of stimulating workshops, intriguing conversations, thought-provoking...
  • 04.27.2016
    EU: European Privacy Seal now available for websites with exceptional EU data privacy
    Image EuroPriSe announced on April 26 that it is now offering the European Privacy Seal to websites that meet the seal's "high-quality requirements" for data privacy. Previously, EuroPriSe only offered its seal to products and services. The EuroPriSe Website...

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