Run Your Own Data Privacy Audits

Conduct comprehensive data privacy or security audits with built-in audit catalogs for a variety of applicable data privacy laws and best practices. Focus either on a single division or data flow within your organization or on your organization as a whole. With 2B Advice PrIME, you can define, create, run, score, report and evaluate your data privacy and security audits in one, easy location.

Data Privacy Audit


In addition to using our templates, you can develop your own data privacy audit questions and catalogs. Use 2B Advice PrIME's reporting and scoring functionality to standardize and expand your program.

We're Your Experts

The legal and technical experts behind 2B Advice PrIME have developed market-leading data privacy audit catalogs to help you build and manage your privacy and security program. HIPAA, ISO 27001 and more.


Easily access new and updated data privacy audit catalogs in 2B Advice PrIME. As regulations and requirements change, our experts update audit questions, recommendations and practical tips to help you stay on top.

Set The Scope

With 2B Advice PrIME, you can choose to run a data privacy audit on your entire organization, a single subsidiary, an individual department, a single data processing system or even a specific data flow.

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