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Branded Privacy Compliance Templates and Easy GDPR Reporting

No more boring Excel Reports!

Webcast: Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Is your privacy compliance reporting tedious and boring? 2B Advice brings you simplified privacy compliance reporting that easily and quickly allows you to demonstrate compliance to your internal stakeholders or supervisory authorities with easy to use, branded templates in Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, and now, PowerPoint. Report templates can be adapted to your company, or any data privacy regulation including the GDPR, CPRA, or others that require careful recordkeeping and ongoing demonstration of compliance.

In this online meeting you will learn:

  • GDPR reporting requirements as well as other requirements for emerging privacy regulation including California’s CPRA
  • Privacy Compliance Reporting best practices for demonstrating compliance to management, your board, and supervisory authorities
  • Introduction to 2B Advice PrIME Privacy Compliance Reporting
  • NEW 2B Advice PrIME Privacy Compliance and GDPR Reporting via PowerPoint
  • How to share Privacy Compliance Report Templates via 2B Advice PriME Portal

Who should attend?

This session will benefit anyone in charge of privacy, security, IT, legal, marketing, program management or data management.

45 minutes


9:00 am PST, 12:00 pm EST


Jörg Falkenberg
2B Advice Product Management
Don Litzenberg
2B Advice VP Sales US

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The slides and recording of this online meeting can be viewed here.

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