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Is your cookie consent only half baked?

Is your cookie banner compliant under recent privacy rulings in the EU?


Is your cookie banner compliant under the latest privacy rulings? In a recent survey of more than 150 websites around the world, 2B Advice found only half had cookie notices, and fewer than half of those were fully compliant to the most recent standards. 

Recent rulings on cookies and web-tracking means an end to cookie walls. A number of supervisory authorities have put out updated guidance in recent months which means that you likely need to revise how you gather cookie consent from your web visitors along with adding or updating your cookie consent banner.

Watch our 45 minute pre-recorded webcast to get your cookie banner and consent in line with the latest requirements. 

In this online meeting you will learn:

  • Consumer expectations for giving consent for tracking cookies 
  • What cookie consent practices to avoid 
  • How to identify necessary and other cookies on your website 
  • How to create compliant cookie banner text and policy 
  • How to design a compliant cookie consent banner 

Who should attend?

This session will benefit anyone in charge of privacy, security, IT, legal, marketing or data management. 

For more about Cookie Consent Management, check out our website page 

45 minutes


10:00 AM PST, Noon CST, 1:00 PM EST


Kathleen Glass
VP Global Marketing, US
Don Litzenberg
VP Sales, US

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The slides and recording of this online meeting can be viewed here.

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