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How Privacy Law is influencing system design and business process

The Privacy Law and Systems Design with 2B Advice

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There is a new reality for technologists. If your software fails to protect consumer privacy, you will feel it in your bottom line. For years, enterprise software and product developers have been following a pattern of producing minimum viable products (MVP) to support demands for rapid growth, only to remediate privacy security issues after a quarterly or annual audit, or worse, after a consumer complaint or a breach. This is the kind of action that will need to be reconsidered in the face of growing US privacy and security legislation, beginning in California.

Given this focus on legislating privacy and security (beginning with the EU and now carrying into the US) here are some ways we should be thinking ahead and applying the principles of security and privacy by design. Our presenters will discuss and weigh the benefits and costs of moving privacy and security features upstream in the development process, what technologies are emerging to facilitate this process, and considerations for weighing the risk and rewards.


  • Kathleen Glass, VP of Marketing, 2B Advice


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  • 30 minutes


  • English

About the presenters

Kathleen Glass, VP of Marketing, 2B Advice

Kathleen Glass is global VP of Marketing for 2B Advice, providers of outsourced privacy management services and data privacy compliance software.  Kathleen brings over two decades of B2B sales and marketing experience in SaaS and managed services industries for emerging technologies including IoT, CyberSecurity, Privacy, and Analytics. As a passionate advocate of sales and marketing alignment, Kathleen advises companies across the US in best practices for inbound and outbound demand generation processes and technology adoption.

Kathleen is a Chapter Chair for the San Diego IAPP KnowledgeNet Chapter Program for privacy professionals, a San Diego Chapter Officer for the Association of Inside Sales Professionals, and serves on the AA-ISP National Advisory Board. Kathleen also serves on the CompTIA IoT Advisory Council.

Who should attend? This session will benefit to DPO, CIO or in charge of IT, legal and data management professionals.

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