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The CNIL Between Sanctions and Support for Companies?

Learn More About The CNIL Webinar with 2B Advice

Webinar series: Tuesday, March 31 at 11:00 a.m. (Central European Time (CET))

While privacy has long been a tenant of the French Data Authority (the CNIL), in 2019 the CNIL adapted fresh orientations for the coming two years.

As a data protection specialist you certainly want to understand the new orientations of the CNIL, the first sanctions but also the support given to companies, we have prepared this webinar led by 2B Advice privacy expert, Dr. Laurent Dech√Ętre. This session will include:

  1. CNIL’s strategic roadmap: what are the first consequences and recommendations?
  2. Impacts for your companies and data management?
  3. Advices for the implementation


  • Laurent Dech√Ętre, PhD, Consultant, 2B Advice GmbH


  • Tuesday, March 31 at 11:00 a.m. Central European Time (CET)


  • 30 minutes

Who should attend? This session will benefit to DPO, CIO or in charge of IT, legal and data management professionals

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