2B Advice

Meet Our Management Team

Meet the Experts Behind the Data Privacy Company

2B Advice was founded by legal and privacy experts in 2003 in Germany. Today, 2B Advice has offices in the United States, Germany, Italy, France, and Slovakia. Our organization’s success is built on our team’s education, experience, and energy.

Marcus Belke founded the company on the premise that while privacy compliance is complex, managing it should not be. His vision and deep expertise in privacy and data protection stems from the deep roots of German belief in the purpose of personal data protection and safeguarding of personal information. In 1970, the German Datenschutzgesetzgebung became the first law on data protection in the world. As the predecessor to GDPR, the German rules regarding the duty to appoint a data protection officer were even stricter than those in GDPR. It is this long legacy of data protection that 2B Advice carries forth around the globe as more countries enact new privacy regulations.

Management Team

Marcus Belk, CEO/ Managing Director of 2B Advice GmbH and President of 2B Advice LLC.

Dr. Jan Dröge, VP of Consulting, 2B Advice GmbH, leads the team of legal and data protection experts responsible for consulting services and DPO as a Service delivery.

Michael Gesper, Head of Sales, 2B Advice GmbH, leads the sales efforts for Europe, working with Global 1000 companies to manage their privacy compliance and risk associated with EU data protection legislation such as GDPR.

Kathleen Glass, VP of Global Marketing, is an expert in launching new solutions and services in emerging markets. She brings this experience to the growing privacy compliance management space. Kathleen actively supports privacy management education as a 2020-2021 IAPP San Diego KnowledgeNet Chapter Co-Chair.

Don Litzenberg, VP of Sales for the US presence, brings over a decade of security and privacy experience to help companies prepare for and manage privacy compliance for new state-level privacy laws that are emerging such as CCPA/CPRA.

Patrik Madliak, CEO, 2B Advice s.r.o., is the senior software development lead responsible for the technology roadmap and delivery of 2B Advice PrIME privacy compliance management software.

Alexander Polishuk, VP of Software, leads the day to day effort of the software development team.