New EuroPriSe Experts

2B Advice proudly announces that 15 experienced legal and technical privacy professionals have been admitted as EuroPriSe Experts recently.

The experts have been thoroughly trained in preparing applicants for EuroPriSe certification in the best possible way and in providing advice during a certification procedure.

The new EuroPriSe Experts are:   

  • Bernhard Freund, CEPE LT
  • Rechtsanwalt Christoph Reich LL.M., CEPE L
  • Désirée Wittwer, CEPE L
  • Evelina Ilz, CEPE L
  • Guoyu Chen, CEPE L
  • Helena Ernst, CEPE L
  • Ingo Goblirsch LL.M. , CEPE LT
  • Jian Wu, CEPE LT
  • Kai Kummert, CEPE L
  • Kelvin Lou, CEPE L
  • Laurent Dechâtre, CEPE L
  • Nadja-Maria Becke, CEPE L
  • Stefanie Fischer, CEPE L
  • Sarah Pearce, CEPE L
  • Volker Schrödter, CEPE T

The new experts come from Austria, China, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

In total, there are currently more than 100 admitted EuroPriSe Experts in 19 countries.

The admission of the new experts coincides with the approval of the EuroPriSe criteria catalogue for processors by the competent supervisory authority LDI NRW, which was granted at the beginning of October.

Looks like there will be a lot of work for the new experts to do.

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