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A New Version of the Privacy Management Software 2b Advice Prime

Privacy Management Software 2B Advice PrIME

2B Advice is pleased to announce the release of version 7.6 of the privacy management software 2B Advice PrIME. All SaaS users can look forward to the new features starting December 15. In addition, the update will be available for Enterprise license users who self-host their 2B Advice PrIME system for download on the 2B Advice PrIME portal starting December 15.

Overall, the update to version 7.6 is all about optimizing, automating, and simplifying your privacy management processes. In addition to many new customization options, we also introduce new languages, comprehensive management of users and access rights (also via LDAP), generation of PowerPoint reports, and new workflow actions. For consent management, we now support Google Consent Mode for cookie consent and double opt-in via e-mail for web-based consent. In the 2B Advice PrIME portal, you will find new catalogs (e.g., for hospitals, Windows 10, etc.) and templates for awareness training.

Below you will find a detailed explanation of the new features. We also offer webcasts in English and German again where our product manager demonstrates and explains the innovations.


1. Language support extended

2B Advice PrIME now supports the following languages:

  • Chinese
  • Polish
  • Spanish
  • Turkish

Workflow templates are now also available in German.

2. Compliance with data retention deadlines

The creation of measures in 2B Advice PrIME generates a lot of personal data over time. Therefore, to comply with retention policies for completed measures, we have implemented a function for automatically deleting measures after a specified time.

3. Different roles per client, procedure, or assessment

In complex organizational structures, users with different authorizations and roles may have to work on other clients. As a result, we now support role assignments at the client level. For example, an employee can be assigned the permissions of a data protection officer for one client of an organization, but only the permissions of a data protection coordinator for another client within the same organization. These individual roles can be assigned per client, procedure, or assessment.

4. Extended overview of measures

Measures can be used in 2B Advice PrIME for a wide variety of tasks. For example, to distribute tasks to different people in the company. To give users a better overview of their measures, two additional columns have extended the measures overview. First, the category and the resubmission date are now displayed in the overview. This overview makes it possible to immediately see which category the measure is assigned to and when it is due for resubmission. This significantly simplifies the daily work routine.

5. Escalation of tickets

The ticket system is used by many of our customers to record and document incidents. Since these processes can be time-critical and important for the company, an escalation option should automatically be available if a deadline is exceeded. In addition, administrators can now specify an additional e-mail address that an escalation e-mail will be sent to after a configurable time.

6. Reports

Our report engine already supported Word, Excel, and PDF formats. Now, uniquely, we can also generate PowerPoint presentations directly from 2B Advice PrIME. You can create a presentation deck for the board with one mouse click, always populated with your current data. A template for generating a professional PowerPoint presentation can be found in the 2B Advice PrIME portal. Of course, you can customize the template or provide your own.

7. Hiding the Statements tab for processing activities

As part of the introduction of Cookie Consent, Privacy Statement Generator and Administration, and Consent Management, a new Statements tab was added to the Processing Activity module. The administrator can now hide this new tab if these functions are not used. At this point, we would also like to announce that soon we will offer additional, standalone Cookie Consent and Whistleblower applications that can be used independently of 2B Advice PrIME.

8. Data processing and subcontractors

The Schrems II decision brought with it higher data protection requirements for third-country transfers. This makes it necessary to record whether the use of a subcontractor involves a third country transfer outside the EU. In 2B Advice PrIME it is now possible to add records of sub-processors to contracts. It is in addition possible to enter the destination country, the framework, and the name for each sub-processor. This information is then taken into account when selecting the contract for a procedure. If an involved party is added to a processing activity, any specified framework and country of data processing will be added to the processing activity record. Of course, it is also possible to overwrite all or part of the inherited information.


The Personal Privacy Portal (PPP) is a company-specific portal that can be made available for coordination with employees not working directly with 2B Advice PrIME, without these employees needing user accounts in the system. In the PPP employees can see measures, assessments, and processing activities authorized to access. This way, staff who are not trained in using 2B Advice PrIME can easily access pertinent information and participate in data protection management efforts.

1. Completion of measures and assessments

Measures and assessments can now be closed out directly in the PPP.

2. Collection of procedures

Collecting information about processing activities poses challenges to any organization and is very resource-intensive. 2B Advice PrIME has long offered the possibility to capture information about processing activities online. A dedicated, configurable form is still available to capture new processing activities within the company. However, it is now possible to collect information about procedures via the PPP to provide our customers with even more flexibility. The fields shown during this collection can be selected and customized.

Furthermore, a workflow can be linked to the report of a new processing activity so that predefined workflow steps are enforced once a processing activity has been reported. This workflow can be freely defined. For example, a workflow might trigger a data protection officer’s review or a risk assessment for a procedure. This allows for the automation, and automated assignment of responsible users, of many steps necessary when a new processing activity is reported.

3. Adding actions to workflows

It is now possible to integrate assessments into a workflow. For example, an additional risk questionnaire can be requested when a new processing activity is reported to assess better the risk it creates. The following actions can now be triggered within a workflow in addition to online procedures:

  • Removal of permissions
  • Deactivation of registration mode (with additional options)
  • Completion of assessments
  • Generation of a report
  • Performing a specific check when a workflow is started
  • Continuation of a workflow depending on the result of a check


4. Automated creation of users and roles

Before a department can enter any procedure, new users must be assigned appropriate permissions and roles. This can now happen automatically via LDAP. New contacts with a company e-mail address can (optionally) automatically be provisioned as users in 2B Advice PrIME. Role can be assigned to new users according to information pre-configured in the company directory. If the system finds matching information in the company directory, the specified role is assigned to the user in 2B Advice PrIME.


Our online assessments are a widely used tool to conduct assessments and efficiently collect necessary information for privacy management purposes.

1. Dependent questions

Assessments in 2B Advice PrIME may contain questions that are dependent on the answer to a previous question. They are only active if the previous question was answered in a specific way. Otherwise, they remain read-only. To allow a user to respond to an online assessment more efficiently, such read-only questions can be skipped. This can now be configured in each online assessment template. Dependent questions that are not active will then not be displayed in the detail view of the online assessment.

2. Online assessments

When external users fill out online assessment it could happen that the assessment was inadvertently marked as completed when the user clicks on Exit. To prevent the described behavior, it is now possible to hide the Exit button or to display an additional warning.


1. Support of Google Consent Mode

Google Consent Mode allows website operators to customize the behavior of Google tags and scripts based on visitor consent. Our Cookie Consent solution now supports Google Consent Mode. To simplify the implementation of Google Consent Mode, a template is available in Google’s publicly available Tag Manager Template Gallery.

2. Cookie database expanded continuously

The number of cookies in our cookie database, along with their descriptions, is now growing over time.


Our Opt-In/Out tool is used for obtaining consent by many of our customers. We have extended it with a GDPR double opt-in/out. Now opt-in/out forms can be configured so that consent must be confirmed via a link. The link is automatically sent to the e-mail address entered.


On our 2B Advice PrIME Portal all customers with an appropriate subscription or maintenance contract will find the following new templates:

1. NIST Catalog

2. Questionnaire for privacy-friendly use of Windows 10

3. Criticality report

When reviewing the criticality assigned to a processing activity, it must be easily understood how the criticality was derived. To provide users with the best possible overview of the calculation for the configured criticality values, a Criticality Overview Report was developed. This report breaks down the individual values of the criticality calculation and facilitates its interpretation.

4. PowerPoint template for the status of the privacy management system (see also under report in paragraph GENERAL)

6. New extensive training for employee awareness

7. Dedicated catalogs for hospital environments

It is worth visiting the portal regularly. New content is published here on an ongoing basis.

Have fun using 2B Advice PrIME 7.6


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