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What is Privacy Software?

Why Companies Need Data Privacy Tools

Data protection software is a rapidly growing category of compliance management tools that enables enterprises to automate the management of their data protection compliance programs to meet the requirements of the GDPR or other regional or state requirements such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

The growing complexity of supporting multiple requirements sets the stage for robust and flexible data protection software platforms that remove the tedious, manual tasks of tracking, auditing, follow up and reporting from already overwhelmed HR, IT, privacy, security, and legal professionals.

GDPR and Data Protection Compliance

At the core of the GDPR are key principles relating to processing of personal data (Art 5), lawfulness of processing (Art 6 and 7), as well as processing of special categories (Art 9, 10). The principles require much more than a simple spreadsheet in order to document and track over time. Data is always in motion across multiple customer and vendor interactions that can take place on a daily occurrence. Trying to support the GDPR and data protection compliance activities can be best facilitated with data protection management software that has been purpose-built for this activity. 

The Role of DPO and Data Protection Tools

The GDPR established the concept of a Data Protection Officer (DPO) in the EU. Contrary to popular belief, the basis of legal obligation to appoint a Data Protection Officer is not the size of the company but the core processing activities which are defined as those essential to achieving the company’s goals. The DPO role is to oversee the data protection compliance process and to serve as a liaison with data protection authorities. It has been demonstrated that being able to demonstrate to data protection authorities the details of your audit and data protection program in place can mitigate the severity of penalties and fines. The best way to provide a cohesive demonstration of the adherence to the principles of privacy compliance is through privacy impact assessments, benchmarks, reports, and documented training utilizing a data protection software platform.

10 Best Features in Data Privacy Software

If you are looking for a data protection software company, you will want to be sure it suits your needs, and is flexible enough to adapt to multiple regulations, and easy enough that many internal stakeholders may use it. Data protection software is useful for HR for training, for marketing to maintain their privacy statements and cookie banners on websites, for IT to assess and survey third party vendors, as well as the traditional security and legal privacy experts. A true privacy program will touch on any function in the company that handles employee or customer data.

Below are the 10 best features to look for when looking for data protection software for your company.

  1. Tools for Data Protection Officers
    Ensure that your DPO has the tools they need for measuring, monitoring, and reporting out to management and data protection authorities.
  2. Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) and Auditing
    DPIA is at the heart of any privacy program and this is a feature found in most software.
  3. Risk Scores
    Privacy and security professionals will want to understand their risk thresholds for each type of data processing activity. Look for software that lets you monitor improvements over time.
  4. Third Party Vendor Assessments
    Companies can be working with dozens of third party vendors, with new ones coming on board continuously. Look for software that as an integrated vendor management and survey tool so you can easily send online surveys that are integrated with the main platform to save time with manually managing a separate platform.
  5. Integrated DSAR Tracking and Countdown Clock
    Many companies struggle with completing a data subject request within the legally required timelines. Look for integrated tracking and alerts so that internal constituents can complete requests on time.
  6. Benchmarking
    If you would like to know how your company is managing privacy compliance compared to peers, look for SaaS privacy tools with integrated benchmarking capabilities.
  7. Time-Saving Wizards and Workflows
    Managing privacy is time consuming and highly detailed. Wizards and Workflows can save time for privacy-novices as well as experts.
  8. Templates
    Save time by reusing templates and catalogues. Add the ability to share and reuse templates to your checklist.
  9. Tools for your Webmaster and Marketing Teams
    Your website is one of your primary faces to your consumers and to be compliant with GDPR and many other new regulation, you need to have updated privacy statements and appropriate cookie notifications as well as consent management. Integrated privacy statement generators can save time in managing legal review, and keeping policies up to date.
  10. Training Tools
    A strong educational program is the foundation for a culture of privacy and ongoing privacy program. Built-in training tools not only can keep employees up to date on data protection and security and provide an auditable proof of compliance efforts.
    Most vendors will offer a data protection software free trial or a free single user license download so that you may determine what is a best fit for your company data protection compliance needs.

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