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Cloud migration is the process of outsourcing of data, applications or other business elements from a company’s local systems on premise to the cloud or from one cloud service to another.

Moving data and applications from one cloud environment to another is known as cloud-to-cloud migration (for example, from the private cloud to the public cloud). The change of the cloud provider and the subsequent transfer of data and applications to the cloud environment of the new provider is referred to as cloud service migration.

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The Challanges with CMIA Cloud Migration

The transition to the cloud or between cloud environments brings with it the usual IT challenges but also can exacerbate problems as data which is stored outside of company boundaries and managed remotely by external companies that often operate in multiple locations.

As a consequence, compliance with privacy and information security regulations becomes crucial.

CMIA Objectives

As a controller, every company is responsible to ensure that personal data is processed in accordance with privacy regulations – including security and accessibility standards. The decision to move data from a local system to a cloud solution moves the data – technically – outside the premises of the controller. 

The inherent risks with a cloud migration should be assessed by a cloud migration impact assessment (CMIA). A CMIA seeks to identify the overall impact (risk) for a controller regarding compliance with privacy regulations when shifting data to a cloud solution or between cloud solutions.

CMIA Solutions for Companies

2B Advice’s team of experts will advise you on the legal requirements you need to be aware of. In order to check compliance with privacy regulations, a CMIA is recommended for companies that seek to shift personal data from a local system (on premise) to a cloud solution (i.e., Azure, AWS, etc.) or where personal data is shifted from multiple (cloud/non-cloud) instances into a single cloud solution (i.e., ERP, CRM, HR data).

If the data migration includes a third country data transfer (i.e., Cloud solution in the US), we highly recommend the CMIA to be followed or accompanied by a data transfer impact assessment (DTIA).

Benefits of Integrating CMIA Solutions with 2B Advice

  • Highlights addressable areas of risk
  • Creates a baseline for more accurate and informed decision-making
  • Mitigates the risk of cross border data transfer
  • Supports the application of appropriate legal frameworks
  • Ensuring that data is processed according to the privacy regulations
  • Ensuring that you comply with the due diligence obligations
  • Identify gaps regarding the compliance with privacy regulation that require further action if a cloud solution is introduced

Privacy Risk Assessments from 2B Advice

Understanding your areas of privacy risk is a complex journey and 2B Advice Privacy experts are here to help you. Often it is helpful to start with a Privacy Impact Assessment to get an overall idea of your areas of risk; or if cross-border data transfer is a key requirement, you might begin understanding your areas of risk with a Data Transfer Impact Assessment.

If digital transformation a key initiative, then you could start with a Cloud Migration Impact Assessment. Our risk assessments may be run as a single activity, in parallel, or in sequence as you progress on your privacy compliance journey.

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