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Designed by data privacy experts for privacy experts, 2B Advice PrIME is a web-based data privacy software & management solution that consolidates all the elements of an effective data protection & privacy program into one, streamlined system.

2B Advice PrIME leads the way in cloud-based compliance and data privacy management software with a rich set of features and tools that makes managing your privacy program simple and efficient. From documenting data flows to training your staff, from performing privacy impact assessments to running privacy audits, 2B Advice PrIME makes everything a snap.

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Overview of Our Most Valuable Features

Data Flows Privacy Activities Document Data Privacy Controls Custom Privacy Report & Form Templates Privacy Software Benchmarks Privacy Software Collaboration Trainings Privacy Software Compliance Privacy Software Audits Data Privacy Statement Generator Workflows Consent Manager Data Subject Request Forms Cookie Consent Plugin Data Subject Rights

Document Data Flows and Privacy Activities

Map personal data and its flow

Simply follow the process-by-process forms and see your personal data and privacy activity map appear. Link individual data processes directly to corporate policies to track compliance as well.


Document Data Privacy Controls

Struggling To Manage And Document Your Data Privacy Controls?

2B Advice PrIME gives you the tools you need to implement and manage all aspects of your data privacy and security program by providing a simple, integrated system.


Custom Privacy Report & Form Templates

Easily Generate And Customize Privacy Reports And Forms

Once you've documented your environment, 2B Advice PrIME pulls together relevant elements, including your corporate identity and logo requirements and compiles a detailed, professional document that you can edit before filing.


Compare Measures to Benchmark

Use Our Database Of Privacy Measures To See How Well Your Program Stacks Up

track your improvement over time. Log and easily access proof that all required privacy measures have been completed.


Communicate and Collaborate With Your Data Privacy Team

Communicate Directly With Your Data Privacy Team Members:

Using the 2B Advice PrIME communication center and user management features. Track the progress of reports and audits and receive notifications when these are completed.


Custom Privacy Awareness Training

Implement And Grow A Total Privacy Awareness Training Program Throughout Your Organization

With 2B Advice PrIME, privacy officers and managers can develop and execute first-class privacy awareness training programs to further elevate privacy and security knowledge.


Manage Your Data Privacy Compliance

Implement And Manage The Data Privacy And Security Requirements

2B Advice PrIME will help you to implement and manage the data privacy and security requirements of regulatory, national and international standards.


Run Your Own Data Privacy Audit (Internal/External)

Conduct comprehensive data privacy with built-in audit catalogs.

Focus either on a single division or data flow within your organization or on your organization as a whole. You can define, create, run, score, report and evaluate your data privacy.


Data Privacy Statement Generator

Quickly and easily generate compliant data privacy statements.

Follow the wizard to generate privacy policies appropriate to your business. Route for review, then place the code on your site.



Advanced workflow capabilities include multi-level workflows and automation.

Predefined Workflows can be set for serial as well as parallel processing. Workflows can be used to improve the speed and accuracy in defining measures and tasks, assigning measures to others, approvals, rejections, scheduling, and tracking.


Consent Manager

Manage legally required opt-in/opt-out functionality and associated attributes with 2B Advice PrIME Consent Manager.

Attributes of consent from the consenting party are captured with audit trail. REST API supports integration with relevant systems such as tag management.


Data Subject Request Forms

Data Subject Request Forms ensure auditable tracking and timely response to each request.

For data processors and data controllers, there are specific record-keeping requirements around the time to respond, the ability to request an extension, the requirement to validate the identity, and securely transmitting the response to the individual.


Cookie Consent Plugin & SaaS Solution

Manage Your GDPR / CCPA Compliance Cookie Consent

The Cookie Consent Management Dashboard allows you to configure and tailor your cookie consents on different websites and even subdomains. It's an SaaS tool that always stays updated according to GDPR/CCPA regulations such as as of December 2020.


Manage Data Subject Rights (DSAR)

Under a growing number of privacy regulations allows consumers to exercise rights such as data subject access requests (DSAR).

Being able to process all types of data subject requests promptly and appropriately is important because an omitted, delayed or incomplete disclosure is subject to fines. 2B Advice offers an end-to-end automated process with workflows and a countdown clock to handle requests efficiently and within compliance of the law.

DSR Response

Ensure timely and complete response to data subject requests with robust ticketing and countdown process.

2B Advice PrIME Features
The system automatically creates an audit trail of all communication and ensures timely completion of request including a countdown timer for legal timeline compliance.


2B Advice PrIME REST API has a full set of functionalities for synchronizing data between 2B Advice PrIME and other systems including tag managers, CRM, ERP and more.

2B Advice PrIME Features
With the REST API interface, 2B Advice PrIME applications can synchronize data with other systems to:
a) Integrate with 2B Advice PrIME without requiring third party or custom middleware.
b) Authenticate using the organization’s required protocol.
c) Utilize detailed documentation, sample code and a test environment.

Website Analyzer

Data privacy laws such as the GDPR and the planned ePrivacy Regulation requires that website users provide informed consent before any files are stored on their computer or other devices.

2B Advice PrIME Features
The 2B Advice PrIME website analyzer scans URLS for your website for cookies and all existing cookies are compared with our database. All known cookies are listed in 2B Advice PrIME with their attributes for runtime, purpose, publisher, etc. and a report is generated automatically.

Unknown/custom cookies are also listed for manual update of information in the database. Reports can be scheduled to run automatically each month to keep your website up to date and in compliance.

Once you know what cookies are on your website, the 2B Advice PrIME website analyzer works hand in hand with our cookie policy generator.

2B Advice PrIME Benchmark

Use our database of privacy measures to see how well your program stacks up against common privacy practices and track your improvement over time.

2B Advice PrIME Features
With 2B Advice PrIME Benchmark, you can determine which privacy measures you need to have in place (based on the privacy measure database) and track your alignment with this benchmark over time. Generate graphical overviews of this progression or view a more detailed list that shows exactly when each privacy measure went into place and how it affected your performance (as compared to the benchmark).

Register of Procedures

Create a detailed map that tracks all of the privacy activities in your organization, helping you to identify and resolve vulnerabilities to or even causes of breaches.

2B Advice PrIME Features
The register of procedures is capable of tracking all privacy-related activities and responsible persons throughout multiple offices and subsidiaries. Having a clear and complete picture of your privacy program at all times makes privacy management a snap.

Technical & Organizational Measures (TOMs)

Use 2B Advice PrIME to document, manage and audit technical and organizational measures (TOMs).

2B Advice PrIME Features
Use this feature to keep track of the privacy-related TOMs throughout your organization and audit them against built-in best practice catalogs. 2B Advice PrIME also enables you to create custom TOM catalogs to accommodate requirements unique to your organization.

Policy Management

Upload and manage company policies regarding privacy. Track how they relate to each department and who is responsible for ensuring compliance.

2B Advice PrIME Features
A dynamic database captures your policies and links them to data types, retention periods, data procedures, information processing systems, third party processors and responsible managers. Enter your policy information once and track its application throughout your organization.

Privacy Impact Assessment

Our privacy software documents all of the details required to check and assess a procedure in the context of the register of procedures.

2B Advice PrIME Features
Among other things, the results of the checks can be noted in accordance with reporting, notification and prior checking obligations for each procedure.
The software makes it possible to save the results of legal admissibility checks in the form of Word, PDF, RTF or Excel files for every procedure. Impact assessment can be carried out for every procedure and reports can be saved along with the respective procedure.

Web Based Trainings

Raising the awareness of staff is a central, statutory requirement of data privacy.

Web Based Trainings
With the web-based training platform from 2B Advice PrIME, you can offer customized data privacy training and reach your staff in a simple and convenient way.
Tests are also carried out to ensure that the material has been assimilated.

Comprehensive training platform
Our training module has more to offer than slides and certificates of participation. With the 2B Advice PrIME training platform, you can send out invitations to participate in the courses to your staff by e-mail, manage the list of participants and supervise how the courses are conducted.

We provide you with carefully designed templates. You decide which materials are included in the training courses. In developing the templates, we have paid particular attention to providing opportunities for interaction and an engaging dialogue format. The participants are able to identify with the characters portrayed.

Open course format
You can adopt, adapt and add to all of the materials in the training courses. This applies both to corporate design and to our suggestions for data privacy policy statements, legal notices and contact details.

Comprehension tests
The German Federal Data Privacy Act requires proof that participants have participated in a training course that they have actually understood. The learning platform provides you with multiple choice tests for this purpose. These are assessed automatically. You decide whether you want to record detailed results or simply whether employees have passed or failed.

In order to make it possible for your staff to access the course wherever they are and at any time of day, we host the training platform for you. Corporate clients can also host the platform locally, with no additional license fees.

Conducting the training course using pseudonyms
Conducting the course does not raise any concerns in terms of data privacy legislation. Although the course is conducted under pseudonyms, authentication of the individual member of staff is ensured. Only the staff member can access his or her individual course.

No installation required
The learning platform runs entirely on the web. Software installation on your computer is not required – and that is generally the case with 2B Advice PrIME.

No additional costs
Unrestricted use of the training platform is included in the service pack. You will not incur any additional costs.

Organizational and Client Structure

2B Advice PrIME has multi-client capability throughout and the privacy software maps your organizational structure in its entirety. You can recognize individual clients as those carrying out procedures at a glance.

2B Advice PrIME Features
2B Advice PrIME flexibility and functionality for all users means that you can manage multiple business units or multiple clients, easily and efficiently.

Multiple Languages

The standard version of the privacy software supports English, German, French, Italian, Slovakian, Dutch (on request), Spanish under way.

2B Advice PrIME Features
2B Advice PrIME has a flexible language capability that makes it easy to use in any setting. There is full language support on the content level in the browser language of the user. Run an assessment in English, get it answered in French and send the report in any language you like. Easy.

Reporting Procedures Over the Intranet

The register of procedures must always be kept up-to-date. Notification of developments in or changes to procedures must be sent to the data privacy officer without delay.

Meeting this requirement in your day-to-day work is an enormous challenge. Our privacy software 2B Advice PrIME also makes your work easier for you.
Using SaaS-based 2B Advice PrIME, individual departments may send notifications about procedures directly through a website integrated into the Intranet. You determine whether a notification is recorded as a procedure or not. If so, 2B Advice PrIME saves the data automatically.

2B Advice PrIME as SaaS


2B Advice PrIME does not require synchronization: all devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets) always will be able to access the latest information.

Every OS

2B Advice PrIME is accessible from any operating system, complies with the latest 2020 web standards, and is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Explorer, and Safari

No Maintenance

Cloud computing reduces IT costs and simplifies data access. With 2B Advice PrIME you always have the full overview of your costs.

High Security

2B Advice Prime features state-of-the-art security features and undergoes regular audits, including audits according to ISO 27001.

Made in Germany

Our software was developed according to German data protection guidelines.

Since 2003
SINCE 2003

We are one of the providers with the longest experience in the market.

International Team

Our data protection expertise is transnational and we work internationally.

POWERFUL Data Privacy & Data Privacy Software


2B Advice PrIME is a powerful and dependable data protection software solution that you can trust. This data privacy management software was engineered to provide consistent, dependable performance no matter the size of your documentation, reporting, auditing or evaluation needs. It lets you manage your program without having to worry about resources. Whether you perform one audit per year or hundreds per month, 2B Advice PrIME is powerful enough for any organization.


2B Advice PrIME’s variety of features gives you endless options to streamline your management duties. Whether you use it to run audits, train employees, document data flows, document policies and procedures, generate reports, or manage your compliance, 2B Advice PrIME is a system that will work for you.


Define and develop your own audit catalogs. Use them over and over. Or, pick and choose questions from 2B Advice PrIME’s current audits to create your own audit catalog. For best use, use the recommended controls that have been expertly prepared by 2B Advice PrIME’s team of privacy lawyers and technologists.


2B Advice PrIME’s encrypted database ensures your audit results and reports are securely stored. Database backups are also encrypted and will further secure your documentation and reporting operations, and 2B Advice PrIME’s rights management tool allows you to designate which users have access to encrypted information.

Prove ROI

Prove your program’s ROI by demonstrating its effectiveness in full color. Easily print and compare audit results that graphically display your progress. Generate comprehensive measure reports to prove data privacy and security. Track your progress year-over-year to better inform your budget and planning efforts.

Location, Location, Location

No matter your location, 2B Advice PrIME’s implementation allows you to log in and perform any of your documentation, auditing, reporting and management activities. Constant access ensures you stay on top of your privacy compliance, reporting and management obligations.


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All Data Privacy Software Features in a Nutshell

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