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Collaborate With Your Data Privacy Team

Communicate Directly With Your Data Privacy Team Members

Communicate directly with your data privacy team members using the 2B Advice PrIME communication center and user management features. Track the progress of reports and audits and receive notifications when these are completed.

Use 2B Advice PrIME to manage your data privacy team. Define roles and manage access to data and features. Grow your privacy and security program with a tool that helps your team stay organized and work efficiently.



2B Advice PrIME notifies you when changes have been made to your policies, procedures or other documentation. Notifications are transmitted as soon as these changes are saved. You may also use 2B Advice PrIME to schedule and send reminders to employees to complete procedures.


Access Rights Management

2B Advice PrIME’s role-based access rights management system gives privacy officers the ability to assign and manage users’ access rights. With this, privacy officers can easily provide and manage access rights or either employees or external parties such as outside counsel, auditors, trainers or compliance personnel. This feature is of great use to multinational organizations or companies with widely distributed divisions.


Communication Center

Communicate and collaborate through a dedicated Communication Center. 2B Advice PrIME’s Communication Center makes communicating with your team easy by tracking and storing messages between users, keeping your program-related communications organized and centralized. All messages are encrypted and logged, providing a trusted and auditable environment.


2B Advice is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified

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2B Advice is an IAPP corporate Gold member

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2B Advice is a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner

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