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Consent Management System & Tools for Companies

Requirements of Consent

The 2B Advice Consent Manager is trusted by some of the world’s largest companies to manage end-to-end compliance while also supporting visual customization and website branding.

Build consumer trust by letting them take charge of their personal data. 2B Advice empowers your users by letting them manage their consent preferences in one place.

Use the 2B Advice Consent Management Platform to support the management of legally geographic required opt-in or opt-out functionality with all associated attributes.

Consent Management Features In A Nutshell

The 2B Advice Consent Management Platform is powered by robust built-in digital content management, automated workflows, and APIs included in 2B Advice PrIME privacy compliance software:


Flexible platform supports many types of consent – opt in, opt out, do not sell my data

Flexible Platform

Complete customization and branding of layout, design, buttons, fonts, and wording


Integration with other systems through web hooks and/or REST API

Consent Notification

Notification on submission

Consent Management Integration-Codes

Integration codes that can be easily placed on web pages

Consent Management Updates

Automatic updates of changes appear on the website

Consent Management Templates

Create and save templates for reuse

Consent Management Audit-Log

Audit log

Consent Management Reporting

Consent Reporting

Comply With E.U. and U.S. Regulations

Exchange Data with other Systems

Whether you are complying with EU or US or any other regional regulation, the 2B Advice Consent Management Platform will ensure you are compliant while maintaining a brand appropriate experience.

Use the 2B Advice Consent Management Software to support the management of legally geographic required opt-in or opt-out functionality with all associated attributes.

Attributes of consent and data, such email address, name, or telephone number utilized for identification of the consenting party are available in the 2B Advice PrIME application and can be queried by other applications such as CRM, marketing automation, or tag management via web hooks or the robust Rest API.

This level of integration allows for full integration for all consent management.

If you need help, 2B Advice experts can assist in planning, implementing, and managing your ongoing consent programs.

Consent Management Tool

Integrated Opt In & Opt Out

Consent Management CRM

The integrated consent management platform seamlessly handles opt in and opt out consent in accordance with consumer desires and privacy regulations around the world.

The platform captures consent details in a web form, uses web hooks to share that information with other relevant systems, and keeps a record of the consent. It even provides a mechanism for the consumer to later adjust / change or withdraw their consent if they choose.

The consent management platform stores the name or other identifier of the consumer / data subject as well as the date/timestamp of the consent and this information can be queried by other applications such as CRM, marketing automation, or tag management via web hooks or the robust Rest API.

Made in Germany

Our software was developed according to German data protection guidelines.

Since 2003
SINCE 2003

We are one of the providers with the longest experience in the market.

International Team

Our data protection expertise is transnational and we work internationally.

Consent Management Software and GDPR

Consent is one of the six legal bases that must be identified for processing consumer data.

As stated by Article 7 of the GDPR, the controller shall be able to demonstrate that the data subject has consented to the processing of her or her personal data. In addition, it should be noted that the GDPR requires that consent be valid, explicit, freely given, and to be opt-in through a “clear affirmative action.” It is not acceptable to assign consent through the data subject’s silence or by supplying “pre-ticked boxes.”  

Designed with ultimate flexibility in mind, 2B Advice Consent Management Software meets the GDPR requirement for handling consent opt in as well as the withdrawal of consent, or opt out.

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CCPA Consent Management Requirements

California CCPA

Under CCPA, consumers have the right to opt out of the sale of personal information. A business must provide notice to consumers and a way for them to opt out of such sales.

With the 2B Advice Consent Management Platform, it’s easy to create CCPA compliant opt out and place the “Do Not Sell My Data” button on your website. “Do Not Sell My Data” requests are shared across relevant systems such as CRM, Marketing Automation tools, etc.

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