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Cookie Consent

CCPA & GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin & SaaS Solution

Ensure that use of your website cookies is in compliance with current privacy laws including the ePrivacy Directive, the GDPR, the CCPA, and recent EDPB directives disallowing cookie walls.

The 2B Advice PrIME Cookie Consent Manager ensures that cookie consent is an integral part of your privacy program that builds trust and allows users to visit your website with confidence.

Our Cookie Consent Manager gives your users control over cookies and trackers on your site by giving consent to specific cookies, as well as allowing users to update, change, or withdraw consent at any time.

Cookie Consent Configuration DASHBOARD

The Most Comprehensive Complete Cookie Consent Manager

Cookie Monitoring


Our Cookie Analyzer scans your website and sub-domains for cookies

Cookie Scan Reporting

Consent Management Reporting

Cookie statement reports show results of each scan

Cookie Declaration

Cookie Declaration

Shows user’s current consent state and provides ability to change, update or withdraw consent

Cookie Consent Banner

Consent Management Templates

Customize your legal location, your company branding, and content 

Cookie Consent JavaScript Plugin

Consent Management Integration-Codes

Just add small script to your website. We’ll take care of all the updates!

Privacy Statement Integration

Consent Management Audit-Log

Integrates with your Privacy Statement

Highly Scalable

Cookie Domain Management

Scan as many subdomains as needed


Cookie Laws

Supports current ePrivacy, GDPR, and EDPD requirements as of October 2020

Part of your Privacy Program

Privacy Program

Connects Cookie Consent Management with your Privacy SaaS Software Platform

Preloaded Cookies Not Allowed

Preloaded Cookies

Prevents any cookies from being downloaded until consent is given

Automatic Language Detection

Multi-language Cookie

Cookie banner and content language will be shown automatically depending on the the language of the browser



Integrate Cookie Consent with marketing and customer service systems

Comply With U.S. and E.U. Cookie Regulations

2B Advice has developed hands-free Cookie Management. No more manual website updates to banners, policies, or statements are necessary.

No more stand-alone reports: Manage everything from the centralized 2B Advice PrIME interface. 2B Advice PrIME Cookie Management will automatically scan, update cookie declarations for any new or modified cookies on the website according to CCPA and GDPR.

USA EU Cookie Regulations

Brand Your Cookie Consent Banner

Because the Cookie Consent Manager is an integrated part of the 2B Advice PrIME software platform, you can take advantage of the flexible CMS to add logos and branding to your Cookie Consent Banner. Change the look and feel at the click of a button.

Customize your own buttons in style or call to action. Flexible enough to use to create CCPA consent compliant “Do Not Sell” buttons.

Our Cookie Consent is Compatible with these CMS:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • Typo3
  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • PrestaShop
  • phpBB
  • Bolt
  • SarePoint
  • Contao
  • OneCMS
  • Grav
  • Textpattern
  • OpenCms
  • Plone
  • PhpCMS
  • …and many more!

Manage WordPress Cookies Without a WordPress Plugin


Cookie Consent Management platforms can be quite complicated when trying to build them as a WordPress Plugin. Besides, you constantly have to keep track of your Plugin’s compatibility with the current WordPress environment .

You also have to make sure your WordPress Plugins are updated in order to be in compliance with the current legal situation as Cookie Policies and laws change constantly.

Our SaaS solution provides the ideal solution. You simply have to insert a code to your WordPress site in 2 minutes. As our cookie script will pull all necessary data from our database, you never have to worry about  updates. Your cookie will always be in compliance with the current law.

Cookie Consent SaaS Dashboard

2B Advice PrIME manages all the elements needed to manage fulling compliant cookie consent seamlessly and easily, and only requires the one-time placement of a JavaScript plugin on your site.

The Cookie Consent JavaScript Plugins are generated automatically via 2B Advice PrIME and are easy to place on your website in just seconds. The Cookie Consent JavaScript Plugins control key aspects of Cookie Consent Management including:

Cookie Consent Management SaaS Dashbaord

  • Cookie Consent Dialog
  • Cookie Policy
  • Cookie Banner
  • Adding new cookies to your cookie declaration automatically
  • Privacy Policy Statement declaration text

Automatic Compliance and Technical Updates

Cookie Update Happy User

The text for the Cookie Policy and any updates are seamlessly handled from within 2B Advice PrIME and appear on the website without any additional effort or coding.

Integrated with the Website Cookie Analyzer that runs monthly, any new cookies will automatically be added to the Cookie Dialog, eliminating the need to update the plugin or any html on the website.

Keep your site up to date and compliance with 2B Advice PrIME Cookie Consent.

Cookie Consent Plugin & Script Solution for GDPR

The GDPR sets forth specific rules for use of cookies for website tracking.

EU GDPR Recital 30:

“(30) Natural persons may be associated with online identifiers provided by their devices, applications, tools and protocols, such as internet protocol addresses, cookie identifiers or other identifiers such as radio frequency identification tags.”

Under the GDPR, cookie consent is the most frequently used of the legal basis that allows websites to process personal data and use of cookies. Of particular importance in choosing a Cookie Consent Plugin for GDPR is to select one that allows the visitor to freely give their consent before any cookies are placed. 2B Advice Cookie Consent Plugin was designed for flexibility and the latest requirements in mind.

Cookie Consent Plugin & Script Solution for CCPA

California CCPA

While CCPA doesn’t require opt-in consent for cookies, it does require businesses to disclose what data is being collected by cookies and what is done with the data. Additionally, businesses need to take steps to comply with the right to opt-out of the sale of personal information collected by cookies with a “Do Not Sell My Data” Button prominently displayed on the website.

The 2B Advice Cookie Consent Plugin provides easy CCPA compliance. Working in tandem with the 2B Advice Consent Opt in/Opt Out Manager provides the flexibility to design any type of consent button, including the requisite “Do Not Sell” Button. Because it’s integrated with the entire 2B Advice PrIME Privacy Platform, the CCPA Cookie Consent Plugin offers auditable tracking or passing the information to related management systems such as CRM, Customer Support, or ERP.


Made in Germany

Our software was developed according to German data protection guidelines.

Since 2003
SINCE 2003

We are one of the providers with the longest experience in the market.

International Team

Our data protection expertise is transnational and we work internationally.


Managing a Privacy Program that builds customer trust takes a lot more than just a standalone free cookie consent plugin. Our integrated SaaS privacy platform has all the elements that you need to build a privacy program  – from performing a data risk assessment to managing cookie and opt in consent to handling subject requests securely and quickly. The Cookie Consent Manager is part of the 2B Advice PrIME end-to-end privacy management SaaS platform. 2B Advice PriME handles all the management that includes scanning your website for the latest cookies, statement generation, banner design and integration with your other systems. A simple web plugin keeps everything seamlessly up to date and compliant. No installations needed. Just login and get started on your privacy compliance journey!

Getting started with our 2B Advice SaaS platform is as easy as logging in. Because it’s a robust scalable platform, 2B Advice PriME can work with any size organizations. Our web analyzer can scan multiple domains as well as an endless number of subdomains! Contact sales today and you can get started with cookie consent compliance tomorrow! No implementation or installations needed. Just login and go! For more info, contact a representative in our global sales department.

2B Advice PrIME privacy compliance software and cookie consent manager was designed to support global companies. The cookie consent banner can be set for the language of the browser to support your international audience.

Create Automatic Cookie Consents On Your Website

2B Advice PrIME can automatically generate and publish a cookie policy for your website based on automated detection of the cookies in use on your site.

Cookie Consent SettingsUse the 2B Advice PrIME cookie policy generator to create up-to-date compliant cookie policies.

Don’t risk your corporate reputation with free policy generators. Our cookie policy generator scans your website for all known cookies. If unknown cookies are found, you may add them to the information database.

Once the website is scanned, based on the cookies found, a cookie policy is generated. This cookie policy is published on the website via a piece of code that can be easily and quickly added to the website.

Cookie Consent ExampleEach policy and format is fully customizable for both content and appearance.  Unlike generic or free generators, the 2B Advice PrIME Cookie Policy Generator works in tandem with the 2B Advice Cookie Consent Manager which is adaptable to your brand and website.  Select from optimized templates for best format and page positioning.

2B Advice cookie policies are fully compliant with guaranteed consent, before storing any non-essential cookies. 2B Advice ensures that consent has been given before the corresponding cookies is stored.

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