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EuroPriSe stands for European Privacy Seal, a well-respected certification scheme that has been providing data protection certifications of IT products and IT-based services throughout the EU since 2007. 

EuroPriSe started as a project aimed at establishing a trans-European privacy seal, funded by the European Commission with € 1.3 million. From 2009 to 2013, German data protection supervisory authority ULD SH ran the certification scheme. Reports of the French Senate and the European Parliament recognized EuroPriSe as a role model at that time.  

Since 2014, EuroPriSe is part of 2B Advice Group, an international data protection consulting group. Currently, EuroPriSe Cert GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of 2B Advice GmbH, operates the certification scheme.  

An advisory board, which includes Peter Schaar, the former German Federal Commissioner for Data Protection, and other acknowledged data protection experts, consults EuroPriSe’s certification authority. 

At this time, EuroPriSe’s mission is to be in the position to offer a European Data Protection Seal pursuant to Article 42 (5) GDPR to controllers and processors as soon as possible. In a first step towards that overall objective, EuroPriSe is awaiting approval of a newly developed certification scheme for processors, which they submitted to the competent authorities in 2019. 

EuroPriSe Maturity Assessments

Prior to the actual certification phase, EuroPriSe requires organisations interested in certification to perform certain tasks during a preparatory phase. This is referred to as a maturity assessment. Legal and technical data protection experts who are familiar with the relevant requirements may assist the certification customer with these tasks.

Show your outstanding knowledge and become a EuroPriSe Expert

Only the best may become a EuroPriSe Expert. Privacy professionals interested in becoming a EuroPriSe Expert have to undergo an admission procedure demonstrating their expertise regarding legal and/or technical aspects of EU data protection, their respective professional experience as well as their reliability and liability insurance coverage. The EuroPriSe Expert Admission Workshop serves as an important part of the admission procedure as it provides insight into EuroPriSe’s rules, procedures and criteria as well as a tutorial for supporting certification customers in the field. After the workshop, candidates must successfully complete a homework assignment. Admitted EuroPriSe Experts are subject to an annual fee.


EuroPriSe certifies 

  • Processor services (processing operations by processors in the meaning of Art. 4 (8) GDPR);
  • controller services (processing operations by controllers in the meaning of Art. 4 (7) GDPR);
  • IT products (software and hardware). 

EuroPriSe offers generic certifications, therefore any processor service, controller service or IT product is eligible for certification. These three types of certification (processor, controller, product) share common grounds, but there are also specifics for each of them in place (e.g., dedicated criteria catalogues). 

Services eligible for certification may address external customers or employees of the service provider. External customers may be consumers, enterprises or other persons / organisations. Services may be free of charge or subject to remuneration.  

In terms of information technology used, services may be provided “offline” or require a connection to the Internet. Typical examples for the latter ones are web-based services such as online banking services, whistleblowing systems of search engines. A special subset of web-based services suitable for certification are cloud-based services such as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) or SaaS (Software as a Service). The meaning of the notion IT-based service includes services related to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT). 

IT products suitable for certification are products, which are used by a multitude of customers (buyers). The following types of IT products are to be distinguished: 

  • Hardware products such as a hardware firewall or an external hard disk, which provides for proper encryption of data; and
  • Software products such as a database application, a software module for the obfuscation of video data or an age verification module for cigarette vending machines. 

The meaning of the notion software products includes mobile apps. However, software provided as software as a service (SaaS) qualifies as an IT based service rather than as an IT product. 

EuroPriSe certification provides for the following benefits: 

  • Demonstration of compliance with GDPR: B2B, B2C, supervisory authority
  • Perfect tool in terms of accountability (Art. 5 (2) GDPR)
  • Minimization of liability risks
  • Avoidance resp. reduction of fines
  • Better image / reputation / trust anchor
  • Marketing effect / competitive advantage / unique selling proposition
  • Prerequisite for tenders / market entry requirement
  • Optimization of processes and services
  • Last, but not least: Better data protection

The EuroPriSe (European Privacy Seal) is a European certification and seal that focuses purely on privacy and data protection. Developed by a multinational consortium on behalf of the European Commission, EuroPriSe is becoming the standard in privacy seals that verify a product or service’s commitment to privacy and compliance with European laws and regulations.

A EuroPriSe seal can be issued for any IT product or service. A seal certifies that the product or service complies with the requirements of the European Directive on Data Protection and the advisory opinions of the Article 29 Working Party. Obtaining a EuroPriSe seal proves that an IT product or service meets the highest standards in managing personal data and in the most privacy-enhancing manner possible.

2B Advice experts are qualified EuroPriSe experts (in both legal and technical fields) and have worked to obtain seal approval for many of our clients’ products and services. Our experts are admitted EuroPriSe experts, know the process of obtaining seal approval and have a proven track record of success in processing applications.

To learn more about how your IT product or service can obtain the market-leading EuroPriSe privacy seal, please contact us.

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