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Introduction EuroPriSe Expert

Prior to submitting an application for certification, organisations interested in certification must meet EuroPriSe’s list of requirements regarding a so-called maturity assessment. In doing so, certification customers may seek assistance of data protection experts who are familiar with the relevant requirements. EuroPriSe Experts are experienced privacy professionals who have been specifically trained to perform this task.  

Expert admission may be granted for the following areas of expertise: 

  • Legal
  • Technical
  • Legal and Technical

Necessary Qualifications

Privacy professionals interested in becoming a EuroPriSe Expert have to undergo an admission procedure demonstrating their expertise regarding legal and/or technical aspects of EU data protection, their respective professional experience as well as their reliability and liability insurance coverage.  

The EuroPriSe Expert Admission Workshop serves as an important part of the admission procedure as it provides insight into EuroPriSe’s rules, procedures and criteria as well as a tutorial for supporting certification customers in the field. After the workshop, candidates must successfully complete a homework assignment. Admitted EuroPriSe Experts are subject to an annual fee. 

Show your outstanding knowledge and become a EuroPriSe Expert

Qualification and Professional Experience 

Not everybody can become a EuroPriSe Expert. The necessary qualifications for expert admission are: 

  • In-depth knowledge of legal and/or technical aspects of EU data protection;
  • (Academic) Education:
  • A university degree in law and/or dominated by subjects like computer science, information technology or mathematics or involving the obtainment of a relevant protected title (e.g. ‘engineer’) at an EU- or state-recognised university;
  • Alternatively, excellent knowledge of EU data protection law and/or technical aspects of EU data protection (proof such as working samples or publications must be provided and the result of the homework assignment must be particularly good);
  • Good command of the English language, speaking and writing. 


Reliability and Liability Insurance Coverage 

Reliability of experts is a prerequisite for admission:  

  • In particular, candidates lack reliability if they were convicted of a crime during the past five years or live in unsatisfactory financial circumstances;
  • Besides, candidates must be prepared to provide proof of third-party liability insurance policy of adequate coverage at any time (the policy must include activities aimed at supporting customers to prepare for a certification according to EuroPriSe).


The EuroPriSe Expert admission process requires a self-declaration from applying experts with respect to proficiency, reliability and liability insurance coverage as described above. False claims made here may lead to a withdrawal of the admission as a EuroPriSe Expert.  

EuroPriSe Expert Admission Workshop

Privacy professionals who strive for being admitted as a EuroPriSe Expert are required to attend a EuroPriSe Expert admission workshop. During the workshop: 

  • Participants are provided with detailed insight on EuroPriSe rules, procedures, and criteria;
  • Trainers introduce a fictitious product or service, on which each participant has to complete a homework assignment after the workshop. In this, participants must complete all the components of a maturity assessment.

Information regarding upcoming workshops, the relevant workshop format (face-to-face or video conference) and other related terms & conditions will be available soon.


Besides of the costs of the obligatory admission training and testing EuroPriSe Experts are subject to an annual fee of EUR 390,00. – (VAT excluded). The fee is due for the first time with conclusion of the Expert Admission Agreement. Experts who have paid the annual fee in good time are entitled to participate in one EuroPriSe Expert Enhancement Workshop free of charge within an admission cycle of three years. 

EuroPriSe Experts are experienced privacy professionals who have been specifically trained to assist certification customers by members of the EuroPriSe Certification Authority.  

The full title of a EuroPriSe Expert consists of two distinct elements: The designation “Certified European Privacy Expert” and the area of expertise (“Legal and/or Technical”). However, the following abbreviations are usually used: 

CEPE – “Certified European Privacy Expert” 

T – “Technical” 

L – “Legal” 

TL – “Technical and Legal” 


An expert with the title CEPE TL is skilled both in terms of legal and technical issues related to the preparation and conduct of a certification according to EuroPriSe. 

A register specifically designed for this purpose lists all admitted EuroPriSe Experts. This Register of Experts not only provides information about the contact details of the respective experts, but also about their area of expertise, special interests and cooperation partners. It is available here

Since EuroPriSe Experts are not involved in the actual certification procedures and do not have any contractual relationship with a EuroPriSe certification body, they are not required to be independent from certification customers.  

Rather, when assisting customers with the preparation for a certification, they may also provide consultancy services (e.g., draft documents required for certification or give advice how to fix identified shortcomings). 

Admission is granted for three years. It is prolonged by three years if experts 

  • Prove that they continue to meet EuroPriSe’s requirements for proficiency, reliability and liability insurance coverage in good time before expiry of the current validity period;
  • Have participated in at least one EuroPriSe Expert admission workshop during said validity period.

The Fact Sheet on Prolongation of EuroPriSe Expert Admission provides further guidance on this topic.

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