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Binding Corporate Rules

Binding Corporate Rules (BCR) allow multinational companies to transfer personal information internally, between organizational divisions and subsidiaries, around the world.

Binding Corporate Rules are a collection of privacy and data protection policies and procedures that apply to the organization as a whole. They must be approved by regional data protection authorities to be valid, providing a certified means of personal data transmission within an organization.

Binding Corporate Rules are a way to legally transfer data from the EU to the US and can serve as an alternative to the now invalid Safe Harbor Framework.

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2B Advice’s experts have proven experience in implementing Binding Corporate Rules for multinational organizations. Our experts have deep knowledge of both the legal and technical requirements and have used this knowledge to build a track record of success. Working hand-in-hand with our clients, we have successfully negotiated BCR applications with Data Protection Authorities across Europe.

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Our data protection expertise is transnational and we work internationally.

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