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Are you developing a data privacy program within your company? If so, we are the right partners for you! Our experts have helped countless organizations manage their regulatory and managerial requirements and exceed their compliance objectives.

No matter the requirements, our experts will perform a thorough analysis of your environment and develop a comprehensive privacy management structure for your organization. With notable data protection experience in banking, healthcare, telecommunications, software development, human resources, and especially in the realm of international data transactions, our experts have the know-how to move your organization forward.

Effective data privacy management depends on a well-defined structure (or “concept”) that addresses both legal requirements and technical constraints within the production environment.

A well-defined structure clearly establishes duties and responsibilities, identifies relevant personal data processes, and defines the necessary resources to manage these processes. Implementation, however, requires consistent, focused oversight and management. 

2B Advice is particularly adept at helping organizations implement their desired structure through employee training, process and policy definition and documentation, evaluation audits, and consulting. With years of experience, 2B Advice can help you plan, document, and audit your privacy program, while also providing you with the resources and tools to stay compliant and efficient.

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