Operationalize CCPA/CPRA Now

Get started on the journey to privacy compliance

7 Reasons to operationalize privacy for CCPA/CPRA now.

How to get started on the journey to privacy compliance – this paper identifies seven reasons for companies to begin operationalizing their privacy program for CCPA and CPRA immediately and the key steps to take to begin the process.

Now that the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA or CCPA 2.0) has passed, if you haven’t begun your journey to operationalize privacy compliance, experts recommend that you get started now. The driving force behind adopting a culture of privacy should go beyond merely complying with data protection regulations. Today’s consumers have a higher expectation of privacy than ever before and are more knowledgeable about their rights. Savvy businesses of all sizes are realizing the advantages of meeting these consumer needs.

Who will gain insights from this paper: CFOs, CIOs, DPOs, HR professionals, corporate privacy counsel, data protection officers, chief privacy officers, compliance managers, IT Security and project management professionals.

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