Business Associates Agreements

The Office of Civil Rights says that the next wave of Phase Two audits will focus on Business Associates. HIPAA Omnibus Rule vastly expands the range of parties required to be covered by Business Associates Agreements. Do you have Business Associates Agreements in place with all required parties? Are they up to date? Do you keep track of what PII your Business Associate are processing and ensure that they are compliant.

Consulting & Assistance

  • HIPAA expert consulting
  • assistance with PIAs, privacy threshold assessments, security risk assessments

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Personal Health Information (PHI)

HIPAA Audit Preparation

Phase Two of HIPAA audits started in July 2016. Do you have an adequate data protection and security program in place? Have you ensured that all your third party apps and data processors are HIPAA compliant? A great way to gauge how prepared you are for the Phase Two audits is to run your own internal audits and assessments. Identify and fix any pitfalls in your program before it’s too late.

Software: Online Internal Audits

  • includes a built-in HIPAA audit catalog
  • Run and manage your own online audits from one dashboard.

Consulting & Assistance

  • guidance on who is required to be covered by Agreements
  • advice on bringing your Agreements up to date

Consulting & Assistance

  • response plans, vendor management, desktop drills, resilience testing, remediation plans, recovery strategies

Breach Prevention & Response

The total cost of US health IT security breaches exceeds $1.6 billion per year. Average per capita cost of breach for CEs ($402) is almost twice as high as the average per capita breach cost ($221) across all other industries. Have you taken the necessary breach prevention measures? If you believe your breach prevention program is truly impeccable, do you have an adequate breach response plan in place?

HIPAA Compliance Solutions for Businesses

Cutting edge privacy software plus expert consulting make us your “preferred provider” for HIPAA compliance solutions.

With HIPAA audits underway, it is imperative that your business have a HIPAA compliance solution that works for you. Our unique offering of both privacy management software (2B Advice PrIME) and consulting services provides you with a two-pronged, synergistic solution to HIPAA compliance. We believe that protecting the privacy and security of your PHI should be a straightforward and efficient process.


Software: Privacy Activity Map

  • up-to-date map of privacy activities n(includes third parties)
  • track PII processing and document compliance

Software: Online Response Plan

  • built-in, online Breach Response Plan template
  • Designate roles and responsibilities for when a breach occurs.

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