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Meet International Privacy Obligations With Ease

Legal requirements for privacy have been expanding in recent years. Companies processing personal data are confronted with a growing number of compliance tasks to meet these new regulations.

2B Advice offers data protection and privacy consulting, as well as our 2B Advice PrIME privacy management platform to address these needs, including expert GDPR legal advisory, privacy training, and privacy compliance automation services.

Take advantage of our local experts and international platform to easily address privacy requirements in your regions of operation while focusing on your company’s primary objectives.

International Data Transfer

International data transfer restrictions have become a delicate topic for US businesses.

2B Advice enables you to serve your customers and subsidiaries abroad by performing Data Transfer Impact Assessments that can create a legal basis for continued processing of data in the United States.

GDPR Art. 27 requires that you designate a representative if you...

  • do not have a legal establishment in the EU, but are offering goods or services to individuals in the European Union or European Economic Area that involve the processing of personal data (such as, creating user accounts or advertising profiles),
  • or if you otherwise perform behavioral monitoring of persons located in an associated country.

GDPR Art. 37 requires the appointment of a DPO if you...

  • Systematically monitor individuals at a large scale
  • Process large amounts of sensitive or “special category” data
  • Are a public authority or body
  • Operate in a European country that requires it

Privacy impact and risk assessments are required by more and more legislation.

  • 2B Advice helps you with methodologies that address multi-faceted compliance requirements.
  • We also offer gap analyses for that let you chart a clear path toward compliance with local and international privacy laws.

The new GDPR and privacy regulations across the world have created a lot of confusion for companies.

It’s hard to know where to start, what to do next, how to stay compliant, and how to meet your business goals.

2B Advice offers data protection and privacy consulting as well as our 2B Advice PrIME SaaS Data Privacy Software to help you with these needs, including expert legal privacy advisory, Data Privacy Training, and data privacy compliance automation.

Keeping up with the privacy and privacy regulations in different countries is a challenge.

You need to find local experts, deal with different languages and cultural differences, and keep up with a rapidly changing regulatory environment.

2B Advice Solutions provides all the tools you need to stay compliant in Europe or the US. We provide local experts and an international platform so that you can easily address your local regulations without leaving your company goals.

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